How To Introduce Kids to Astrology

Although astrology is often used by adults for self-knowledge and understanding, it can be an especially powerful tool for kids!

Childhood is full of uncertainty. As kids grow up, they learn about who they are, what they like, and how to cope with all of life’s challenges. Childhood is also an incredibly social time in which kids are learning how to build and maintain friendships, how to treat people, and how to negotiate their own needs and wants with the needs and wants of others.

For these reasons, this incredibly rich period of life is a great time to introduce astrology. Not only will it help kids learn more about themselves, leading to higher confidence and more self-awareness, but it will also teach them the most effective ways to communicate and relate to others.

To start introducing the kid in your life to astrology, use the time, day, and year of their birth to figure out their sun sign (where the sun was positioned in the sky when they entered the world), and then use the chart below to teach them which element their sun sign corresponds to.


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If this peeks their interest and they want to take a deeper dive into the mysteries of their star chart, Astrology for Black Girls provides and in-depth and kid-friendly guide on how to read their entire chart! Available now everywhere books are sold.


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