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Drunken Doodles

Drunken Doodles

Drink, Play, Draw

It's three in the morning . . .

You've had a few drinks—okay, more than a few—and all that alcohol's left you buzzed, beat, and vaguely nauseated. What now?

Instead of knocking back another round, downing a bunch of ramen, or placing an ill-advised call to an ex flame, try something a bit more old-school. Scribble in this doodle book, just like you did in kindergarten. You'll find all your worksheet favorites, including word scrambles; doodle pages; spot-the-difference; crosswords; cut-outs; connect the dots; and lots more.

All you need is a sharp pencil and your booze-dulled brain. Just stay in the lines, follow the instructions, and you'll be just fine.
Oh, and try not to boot that ramen.

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Genre: Fiction / Humor / Topic / Adult

On Sale: September 9th 2014

Price: $12.95

Page Count: 128

ISBN-13: 9780762454938

What's Inside

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