Finally: A book to help you honor all the feelings in the aftermath of losing someone you love.

This isn't an old-school grief guide filled with worn-out platitudes. It’s a practical, honest workbook for the long arc of grief and all its messiness, melancholy, and dark hilarity. With prompts, creative projects, rituals, and resources, it's a unique book that gives you a place to explore your feelings on your own timeline.

The Modern Loss movement was created more than seven years ago because no one else was talking about grief in a real, straightforward way that spoke to all generations. Since then, Modern Loss has helped to eradicate the stigma surrounding awkward talk about grief, while also focusing on resilience and our capacity to grow. With this interactive guide, Modern Loss co-founder Rebecca Soffer offers helpful, honest advice for honoring the person you lost, confronting your future without them, dealing with trigger days, getting help (be it professional or DIY), taking care of yourself, navigating and negotiating relationships after your loss, and even returning to work. Interspersed among Rebecca's raw and heartfelt essays and advice are exercises and reflections aimed to help you on your journey through grief.

What's Inside

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