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A Catharsis Cookbook for Getting Dinner and Your Feelings On the Table

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780762499168

Price: $11.99 / $14.99 (CAD)

ON SALE: April 6th 2021



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Whip, pound, grate, and grind your way to culinary catharsis with Steamed, an irreverent cookbook for when you need to get dinner and your feelings on the table.

Where is taking your feelings out with heavy mallets and sharp knives not just allowed – but encouraged? The kitchen, of course! And in Steamed acclaimed food writers Rachel Levin and Tara Duggan offer readers 50 funny, feisty, and full-flavored dishes to channel frustration and rage into something utterly delicious.

For those inevitable moments when you’re boiling over, steaming mad, or just plain fried, turn to:
  • Pounded Chicken Parmesan
  • Ripped Bread Salad
  • Feeling Sad French Onion Soup
  • Tune-It-Out Tinga
  • Wailing Wasabi Tuna Bowl
. . . and many more in this ultimate ode to finding your chef’s knife-wielding, onion-crying, chicken-pounding culinary release.

Playful sidebars, including “Beat It All Out: When You Just Want to Whisk Like a Wild Woman,” teach technique and channel all those feelings into your new favorite dinner. For anyone looking for stress eating’s more constructive cousin, Steamed and catharsis cooking are here to lend a helping hand — or cleaver.

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Reader Reviews


800x600 So many of us (myself included) cook to escape the insanity of the world-I can't imagine a better way to channel our collective stress than Steamed!—Maile Carpenter, editor-in-chief, Food Network Magazine
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