Hilariously Dumb and Sadly True Stories about Jobs Like Yours

ebook / ISBN-13: 9780762443239

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ON SALE: June 28th 2011

Genre: Fiction / Humor / Form / Essays


Launched in 2009, Dumbemployed.com has been committed to letting people know they’re not the only ones facing dumbemployment. In 300 characters or less, each entry details the stupid, bizarre, and ridiculous things that happen in the workplace. It’s F My Life for the working person. From the boss whose letter of recommendation merely said “Joe works hard,” to the manager whose “special task” for his employee was leveling up his World of Warcraft character, the laugh-out-loud workplace humor in Dumbemployed includes 800 hilarious occupational outtakes, complete with tips, charts, and illustrations throughout.

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