Mind of the Demon

A Memoir of Motocross, Madness, and the Metal Mulisha

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Jun 25, 2013

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Larry Linkogle was a child-prodigy motocross racer who turned pro at age 15. A daredevil and rebel from the start, he quit the sport in spectacular fashion during a major national event and went home to create a new extreme sport — Freestyle Motocross (FMX) — marked by high-flying stunts and death-defying action. From there, the ride just got wilder.

On a lark, he and a friend created The Metal Mulisha — now a top brand in FMX — and he was on a fast track to the good life. But after a near-fatal accident, “Link “made a series of decisions that almost finished him off for good — getting involved in prescription drugs, drug and gun running, underground fistfighting, and other behavior that compromised his health, his relationships, and his career.

After hitting rock bottom and experiencing a moment of clarity, Link began to turn things around, salvaging and strengthening the things that mattered most. Now an icon to millions of extreme sports fans, Link is well on the road to a happy ending.

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Linkogle's book is like a roller coaster that just keeps going faster and you just know the end is coming… couldn't put it down. … Although we all knew the sport had its seedy side, I don't think many of us realized the crazy journey Larry Linkogle was on. But now we know for sure. Highly recommended.
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