The New Yorker's Guide to LA, The Angeleno's Guide to NYC

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ON SALE: December 3rd 2019

Genre: Travel / Travel / United States / Northeast / Middle Atlantic (nj, Ny, Pa)


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This comparative travel guide answers the oft-posed question, “Which city is better: LA or New York?”

The short answer: Who cares?! It turns out the cities’ similarities are what make it impossible to choose.

The New Yorker’s Guide to LA, The Angeleno’s Guide to NYC — colorful and comprehensive — is as much a love letter to these two cities as it is a practical travel guide. By highlighting the parallels between the two places, it will help you get up to speed in New York City or settle into the groove of Los Angeles.

Featuring a mirrored design, this book shows which neighborhoods correspond in each city, which pizza places and taco stands can’t be missed, and how to seamlessly switch from navigating the MTA to driving on the 405. Covering art, culture, shopping, food, and more, it highlights the similarities while breaking down the nuanced differences in each city. It’s practical, must-have guide for tourist and native alike.

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