Low & Slow

Master the Art of Barbecue in 5 Easy Lessons

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Aug 5, 2009

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Step away from the propane tank. Surrender all of your notions about barbecue. Forget everything you’ve ever learned about cooking with charcoal and fire. It is all wrong.

Get it right with the “Five Easy Lessons” program, which includes over 130 recipes and step-by-step instructions for setting up and cooking low and slow on a Weber Smokey Mountain, an offset smoker, or a kettle grill. This program is guided by a singular philosophy: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Do exactly as Gary says, don’t even think about opening the lid before it’s time, and you will learn:
  • What gear you do and, more importantly, don’t need
  • Exactly how to start and maintain a proper fire (without lighter fluid)
  • All about marinades, brines, and rubs
  • To use your senses and trust your instincts (instead of thermometers)
  • How to make delicious, delicious barbecue

The perfect how-to guide for beginner and expert alike, Low & Slow will take your barbecue skills to the next level.

What's Inside

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"...learning the techniques [Wiviott] presents has increased my BBQ ability ten-fold. The techniques taught are fundamentally required and the recipes are wonderful."—Bama BBQ
"In the years I've been acquainted with Gary Wiviott, his passion and curiosity about food has been surpassed only by his generosity for sharing his experiences and vast knowledge on the subject. His web site, Wiviott.com, and his Five Easy Dinners program is both entertaining and accessible and makes me want to go out and follow each step right now."—Monica Eng, Dining & Food Features, Chicago Tribune
"I have seen a lot of barbecue books and I say without hesitation that this is the first true barbecue how-to book ever published. But don't think Gary's book is only for the novice. It includes numerous tried and true recipes as well as advice on developing your own signature rubs, sauces and marinades. There are numerous tips, techniques and nuggets of wisdom that will benefit even the most experienced and jaded barbecue cook. I highly recommend this book as an essential addition to any barbecue bookshelf."—Garry Howard, The Smoke Ring
"This book has life and character. While most cookbooks read boring this one is very entertaining and informative. He helps break down the differences between each type of smoker, and tells you how to cook based upon your type. All of the other bbq books I received didn't guide me on how to cook dependent on my smoker. The illustrations are well drawn and provide great detail. People might be turned off by his arrogance, but I found it funny making the book less dull. The tutorial starts you off with more simpler and less expensive cuts and slowly you graduate yourself up. I went through the whole tutorial process. There isn't a better beginner book than this one."—Adam Grey
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