A Maid for All Seasons, Volume 5

Firm Commitments: Severed Ties

Trade Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781562015138

USD: $16.99  /  CAD: $22.99

ON SALE: June 29th 2006

Genre: Fiction / Fiction / Erotica


Lisa, Michael, Beth, and friends return for more adventures in small town Middle America. The town is ordinary, but some of the men and women who live there deal with their problems in unique ways. Michael responds as he always has to Lisa’s tantrums, by spanking her bare bottom, but it’s now Greg’s sole responsibility to care for her afterward. Beth’s behind still feels Michael’s hand when she teases him, but she also occasionally wields a paddle on female rears. Lisa’s sister Mandy screws up royally and is obliged to take Lisa’s job as Michael’s maid, a position that often entails a sore tail, and Lisa moves in with Greg. Dylan’s niece Teresa sneaks off to be with “Daddy,” a man who has Dylan’s fondness for spanking but not his sexual hang-ups regarding Teresa, and Tana, the boutique’s witchy new manager, discovers that Dylan’s school cane is no mere ornament.

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