BuzzFeed: Bring Me!

The Travel-Lover’s Guide to the World’s Most Unlikely Destinations, Remarkable Experiences, and Spectacular Sights

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Jul 19, 2022

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BuzzFeed’s popular travel vertical Bring Me!—the #1 most viewed travel publisher on the web—delivers an insider’s guide to hundreds of incredible places to see, explore, and experience around the globe.

Have you ever wanted to soak in a bath of beer? What about climb a rainbow mountain? Can you imagine yourself discovering a garden oasis, or finding an underground city? For years, BuzzFeed’s popular travel vertical Bring Me! has supplied wanderers with the best and most reliable travel content. 

Now for the first time, BuzzFeed brings together all their tips, tricks, advice, and knowledge on hundreds of unlikely destinations and unique experiences in this officially licensed travel guide meets bucket list, where travelers are encouraged to seek out new adventures or simply daydream right from their couch. Get ready to see, taste, and explore hundreds of interesting places around the world, from weird museums and underwater adventures, to food festivals and extraordinary art. BuzzFeed’s Bring Me! offers thrill chasers the chance to see the world around them in exciting new ways.

Featured adventures include:
  • Driving go-karts through the streets of Tokyo (Japan)
  • Kayaking across a glow-in-the-dark bay (Puerto Rico)
  • Standing over a sea of clouds (France)
  • Visiting the world’s largest piece of pottery (Colombia)
  • Riding above the forest on a pedal-powered zip line (Philippines)
  • Taking a chocolate- and cheese-filled train ride (Switzerland)
  • Embracing your inner feline at a cat museum (Netherlands)
And more!


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