Radiant Bride

The Beauty, Diet, Fitness, and Fashion Plan for Your Big Day

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Jan 5, 2016

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Want to look and feel better than ever on your wedding day? Look no further.

Radiant Bride is a holistic guide to beauty, diet, fitness, and fashion designed to take you from “Yes” to “I do” (and even through to the honeymoon!) gorgeously — and sanely. You’ll stop counting calories, obsessing over hours spent (or not spent!) at the gym, and trying crazy beauty fads. Instead, you’ll have access to the insider tips author and holistic wellness expert Alexis Wolfer shares with celebrities and her clients, so that your skin radiates, your hair shines, and your dress flatters your figure perfectly. The book includes expert advice on:
-Personalized detox and diet plans
-Gown-shopping tips to help you find the most flattering options for your body shape and skin tone
-Fitness routines designed to target the areas your dress shows off
-Hair and makeup guides
-Meal plans for beauty from the inside out
-Bachelorette tips, so you can party without jeopardizing your goals
-When to schedule a facial, manicure, haircut, etc.
-Packing your wedding-day survival kit
-Your honeymoon beauty routine
-And much more!

What's Inside

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