The 10 Most Hikeable Locations in THE WORKOUT BUCKET LIST

It’s time to get out of the house and say goodbye to that pandemic-era rut! Lace up your boots and start planning your own adventure with these 10 incredibly hikeable – and most importantly, incredibly fun – destinations from The Workout Bucket List by Greg Presto.

Stair Climbing Illustration


Ohiopyle Natural Waterslide
Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania
Have a family fun day at the Meadow Run waterslide in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania. It’s one of the biggest natural slides you can find, stretching more than 100 feet through the park near the state’s border.


International Peace Garden
Dunseith, North Dakota
Hike in two countries in one day by heading to Dunseith, North Dakota…which’ll also land you in Manitoba, Canada! The International Peace Garden has more than 10 miles of hiking and biking trails.


Popolopen Torne

Highlands, Orange County, New York
Honor the veterans in your life with this hike up a monument to deployed US service members. Each rock on Popolopen Torne is a wish for their safe return by a climber who brought their stone from the bottom of the 942-foot mountain.


Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Bayfield, Wisconsin
Whether you’re living out your fairy tale dreams in stunning ice caves or walking on the frozen waters of Lake Superior, you’ll love the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Obviously, you’ll need the help of cold weather to experience the magic in full, but the once-in-a-lifetime views are well worth it.


Illustration of Potato Chip Rock


Potato Chip Rock
Ramona, California
If you’re looking for a bucket-list worthy photo op, look no further than Potato Chip Rock. From the Mount Woodson trailhead, it’s a 7-mile round-trip hike that gains 2,000-plus feet in elevation.


Hell’s Gate
Rift Valley Province, Kenya
Bike and hike through herds of zebras and warthogs, with an added bonus for movie buffs: Tomb Raider (2001) was filmed there and the location inspired Pride Rock from The Lion King.


Heaven’s Gate
Tianmen Mountain National Park, Zhangjiajie
It turns out you don’t have to kick the bucket to see Heaven’s Gate! Located in the forests of Zhangjiajie, China, its 420-foot-high natural arch has beckoned travelers for centuries.


Acadia National Park
Hancock & Knox counties, Maine
Put pedal to the metal when you explore Acadia National Park! Fitted with iron rungs and ladders, its heart-pumping heights are perfect for people looking to see the best Maine has to offer.


Lake Itasca Illustration


Lake Itasca
Itasca State Park, Clearwater County, Minnesota
Have you ever wanted to walk across America’s longest river without getting your feet wet? Look no further than Minnesota’s Lake Itasca. The trail is wide and usually crowded—more than 500,000 people visit each year.


Superstition Mountains
Maricopa/Pinal/Gila counties, Arizona
This mountain’s got everything you need for a homebrewed fantasy quest: a hieroglyphic trail, a crystal-clear waterfall, and cacti and wildflowers that punctuate the entire route. The trail to the glyphs is pleasant and relatively easy—navigable, but rocky as it gradually builds.


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