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The Best of Everything After 50
The Experts' Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money, and More


The Best of Everything after 50 provides top-dollar advice in an affordable format. When Barbara Grufferman turned fifty, she wanted to know how to be—and stay—a vibrant woman after the half-century mark. She went in search of a “What to Expect” book, but couldn't find one. So she consulted New York City's leading doctors, personal trainers, hair stylists, fashion gurus, and financial planners including:

• Diane Von Furstenberg on the right fashion choices
• Laura Geller and Carmindy on makeup tips
• Dr. Patricia Wexler on the best skin care regimen
• Frederic Fekkai on haircare
• Jane Bryant Quinn on financial concerns
• Julie Morgenstern on organizing your life

Barbara adopted their programs and prescriptions, and got life-changing results—and now she shares her experiences. With a handy format and “checklist” style, The Best of Everything after 50 makes high-priced advice accessible to any woman interested in getting answers to the issues that concern her most.

about Barbara Hannah Grufferman

  • Barbara Hannah Grufferman worked for many years in magazine publishing, started the magazine Teen Age, and was named “Publishing Star on the Rise” by Advertising Age. The Best of Everything After 50 is the result of Barbara's mission to provide all women with the very best expert advice that New York has to offer. She lives in Manhattan.


Bookpleasures.com, 4/1/10
“…there isn’t one page in this book that you can afford to miss.”

TempoToronto.ca, 4/6/10
"Barbara Hannah Grufferman created this go-to reference…each part helps set you on the right path, and doesn’t waste time in getting to the point. That’s one of the beauties of the book: no wasted words. It’s all about practical tips for style, make-up, sex, health, finance, and myriad other topics, and as it’s written by and for women over 50, it all makes sense.”

wowOwow.com, 4/8/10
The Best of Everything After 50, a handy tome to help fine-tune your heart, head, health, hair and more ..."

National Association of Baby Boomer Women, 5/27/10

“Just over 300 pages, THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50 contains, Grufferman says, everything you need to know to be the best you can be. But just in case her manual misses one of your top questions, each chapter ends with a handy list of websites you can reference to get more information. I'd call this a ‘must read!’”

StyleGoesStrong.com, 5/11/10
"After-50 Operating Instructions . . . a manual for getting through this decade with ease, grace, forethought and, of course, style."

other editions

  • eBook | ISBN 9780762440351
    Pub date: 03/30/2010 | Price: 14.99 Canada/$11.99
    320 Pages
    SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / General
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