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The Boozy Baker
75 Recipes for Spirited Sweets
By (author) Lucy Baker


The Boozy Baker is a fun collection of recipes for cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, and more, all of which contain a healthy dose of alcohol. Home bakers will recognize classic treats such as profiteroles, peach cobbler, and spiced Bundt cake, and be delighted by the ways they are reinvented with chocolate stout, almond liqueur, and even Jägermeister. Featuring more than 30 full-color photographs, the book also includes sidebars throughout with instructions for preparing funky cocktails that add a punchy compliment to many of the recipes.

Whether you are a pastry perfectionist or a one-bowl beginner, a bonafide mixologist or just looking for a way to polish off a few dusty bottles, this cookbook is sure to become a favorite, its pages splattered with chocolate, sprinkled with sugar, and garnished with a twist.

about Lucy Baker

  • Lucy Baker is a cookbook author, food writer, and recipe tester. She is a contributing columnist for the James Beard Award-winning website Serious Eats, and has written culinary articles for numerous publications including Cosmopolitan.com, Time Out New York, Popular Mechanics, and Edible Brooklyn. She has been featured on the Martha Stewart radio show Everyday Food, and on The Today Show. Lucy is the author of The Boozy Baker: 75 Recipes for Spirited Sweets. Lucy Baker lives in Brooklyn, NY.


The Edge- Boston Herald.com, 8/5/10
“Baker has compiled a swoon-worthy collection of 75 original dessert recipes that use alcohol plus 25 cocktail recipes.” 

Pauline Baughman, Multnomah Cty. Lib., Portland, OR for

Patricia Helding, Founder, Fat Witch Bakery, and author of Fat Witch Brownies
"This gem of a cookbook should be nestled right between your baking canisters and a bottle of your favorite hooch. Don't reach for one without the other."

Rick Rodgers, author of Thanksgiving 101 and many other cookbooks
"Lucy Baker has created a spirited collection of luscious recipes that are likely to make a dedicated teetotaller make an exception when it comes to dessert.  Lucy knows what many pastry chefs have known for years--that a splash of booze can make or break a dessert.  Cheers!"

Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, authors of over seventeen cookbooks, including
Ham: An Obsession with the Hindquarter
"Finally, someone has solved that age-old riddle: you can indeed have your cake and drink it, too. Lucy Baker’s concoctions are the perfect brew—sweet, spirited, and downright fun. Our only warning: she doesn’t include a recipe for aspirin."

Pichet Ong, author of The Sweet Spot
“Of the many baking cookbooks in my stack, this one definitely takes the cake. The concept is utterly original, filled with irresistible photos, and inspiring recipes that will surely incite the inner child—and adult—among us dessert lovers and bakers alike.”

other editions

  • Paperback | ISBN 9780762438020
    Pub date: 06/15/2010 | Price: 22.00 Canada/$18.95
    176 Pages
    COOKING / Methods / Baking
    COOKING / Courses & Dishes / Desserts
    COOKING / Beverages / Wine & Spirits

  • eBook | ISBN 9780762446728
    Pub date: 12/20/2011 | Price: 16.99 Canada/$12.99
    176 Pages
    COOKING / Methods / Baking
    COOKING / Courses & Dishes / Desserts
    COOKING / Beverages / Wine & Spirits
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