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Turner Classic Movies: Movie Night Menus
Dinner and Drink Recipes Inspired by the Films We Love


Looking for a great idea for date night or to entertain friends? Why not cue up Casablanca with some French 75s and a Moroccan-themed spread? Turner Classic Movies: Movie Night Menus spotlights thirty crowd-pleasing films from the 1930s through the ’80s, paired with signatures drinks and dishes that appear in, or are inspired by, each film’s setting and stars. Filled with entertaining tips and background on each film, dish, and cocktail, the book offers a unique culinary tour of movie history, including menus inspired by The Thin Man, The Philadelphia Story, Sunset Boulevard, Some Like It Hot, American Graffiti, Moonstruck, and many more.

Fully illustrated with luscious food photography and evocative film stills, Movie Night Menus provides the perfect accompaniments and conversation pieces to round out a fun-filled evening.

about Tenaya Darlington and André Darlington

  • Brother-and-sister writing team Tenaya and André Darlington are the authors of the forthcoming book The New Cocktail Hour: The Essential Guide to Hand-Crafted Drinks, and write the cocktail-focused lifestyle blog Sprig & Spirit (sprigandspirit.com). As food journalists, they have spent the last twenty years covering dining trends and hosting parties together. They also like to project old movies onto large surfaces.

    Tenaya Darlington is a food writer, blogger, journalist, and educator in Philadelphia. She pens the blog Madame Fromage (madamefromageblog.com) and is the author of The Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese. She is also the author of a novel, Maybe Baby, and a poetry collection, Madame Deluxe. By day, Tenaya is a member of the writing faculty at Saint Joseph’s University.

    André Darlington is a drinks, food, and travel writer based in Madison, WI. He is a long-time contributor to Madison’s alternative weekly, Isthmus, where he has been an award-winning restaurant critic and wine and cocktail columnist. André has been a Napa Valley Vintners’ Association fellow and a judge for the international wine competition, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, as well as for the American Craft Distillers Association.
  • André Darlington has been writing about the cocktail revolution from a front-row barstool for over a decade. He is a long-time contributor to Madison, WI’s alternative weekly, Isthmus, where he has been an award-winning restaurant critic and cocktail columnist. He is a frequent wine and spirits judge in the U. S. and Europe, and, when he encounters a well-stocked bar, cannot resist getting behind the stick.

    Tenaya Darlington is a food writer and educator in Philadelphia. By day, she teaches writing at Saint Joseph’s University; by night she pens the cheese blog Madame Fromage (madamefromageblog.com). Her book, The Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese, may be the first cheese guide to suggest pairing cheese with cocktails. Her writing has also appeared in Cooking Light, Global Traveler, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    André and Tenaya are co-authors of the cocktail blog Sprig+Spirit (sprigandspirit.com).

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  • Paperback | ISBN 9780762460939
    Pub date: 2016-12-27 | Price: $22.00/28.50 Canada
    6.600 x 8.600 | 248 Pages
    Cooking / Entertaining
    Performing Arts / Film & Video / General
    Cooking / Beverages / Wine & Spirits

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